FLIR ONE Target Apps
Hit the BullsEye and Be On Target at FLIR’s Hack the Heat!

Target Your App Towards Success”  

We’ve done the brainstorming for you. Use FLIR’s favorite hack ideas and create your own project using the guidelines below! Grab a FLIR mentor to help get you on the right track.

The challenge: The FLIR ONE can be used in many ways Create a FLIR ONE app that offers as many of
the following functions as possible:
  •  “Fuel Check” function to check propane tank level and find closest refill station – example shown here.
  • BBQ wizard function to check done-ness of grilled meat (cut into steak or burger, use FLIR ONE to determine how well it’s done using surface temp for R/M/W)
  • Perfect beverage function – use F1 to check temps of hot bevs before drinking and to find the coldest bev to drink)
  • Outdoor safety check function to make sure you’re safe in dark places – example shown here.
  • Hiking safety function to help navigate trails and identify other living things in low light or light fog situations
  • Campfire safety function to check campfire using FLIR ONE to give Green/Yellow/Red light indicator to tell if it’s safe to abandon the campfire
  •  New “night eyes” function to locate things in the dark (App identifies and puts circle around objects hotter than their surroundings to explore ie. pets, wildlife, lost items)
  •  ThermalLifeGuard to monitor a pool/hot tub without a lifeguard – example shown here.
The challenge: Bee hive collapse is a serious concern for bee keepers so an app to help monitor hive population would be useful.  There are roughly 3 million managed bee hives in US and Canada (maybe 100 million worldwide) and having a non-intrusive way to monitor population is very important. This could be a FLIR ONE app or a Lepton-embedded solution that could be mounted inside of hives.
Counting an exact number of bees would be difficult with a completely non-invasive method. But, this app could help you get an exact baseline count.  Here’s how it could work:
  • Bee keeper pulls out each rack, uses a FLIR ONE to take a snapshot of each side and the app would count the number of bees.  Alternatively, a Lepton-embedded solution could be mounted inside a hive for continuous monitoring.
  • App records a heat-map of the outside of the box along with the baseline count (also time, air temp and humidity if available?)
  • Bee keeper could monitor the hive each morning by comparing a new heat map to the baseline
  • App alerts if there is a decline in population for further action
The challenge:  Create a FLIR ONE app that enables users to monitor the health of their lawns, gardens,
outdoor water features, or golf greens that offers as many of the following functions as possible:
  • Check thoroughness of watering when installing or using sprinkler systems or watering a garden
  • Highlight dry areas of lawn, garden, golf greens.
  • Identify leaks in sprinkler systems or pond piping.
  • Use FLIR ONE to locate where a mole is at any given moment in the lawn.